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As a global leader, Alere Toxicology is committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional support to organizations seeking to detect and deter the abuse of drugs and alcohol. We deliver unique testing systems to a wide variety of industries, including employers, government agencies, occupational health clinics, pain management practitioners, physician offices, rehabilitation centers, and resellers.

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Federal eCCF now available.

Laboratory Services

With multiple laboratories adhering to rigorous quality standards, Alere assures accurate, legally defensible results in a timely manner. You not only benefit from state-of-the-art and scientifically proven analysis but also unparalleled access to a highly qualified technical team of forensic toxicologists, Ph.D.'s, chemists, and nationally recognized expert witnesses.

Partnering with Alere allows you to incorporate the industry's best practices into your drug and alcohol testing program, which may include laboratory services at three SAMHSA Certified facilities and two that are dedicated to medication monitoring.

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Rapid Screening Devices

Only Alere Toxicology can provide the products you need with the service you deserve. Our resources enable you to implement and manage a rapid on-site screening program.

Select from a wide range of high-quality rapid test devices that allow you to make informed decisions quickly.

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Alere Drug Screening

Federal DOT Drug Testing Rule Changes

Effective January 1, 2018 — The Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) revised its drug testing program regulation to include detection for four semi-synthetic opioids.

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Select the right testing solution.

  • Employers—Customizing comprehensive testing programs proven to maintain drug-free workplaces.
  • Medication Monitoring—Addressing unique needs of pain management and therapeutic drug monitoring via multiple testing platforms.
  • Physician Office Lab—Providing diagnostic information through innovative CLIA-waived, clinical-use products and reliable laboratory services.
  • Hospital—Manufacturing and distributing Alere Triage® TOX Drug Screens, the choice of thousands of hospitals worldwide.
  • Channel Markets—Partnering with original equipment manufacturers and resellers to meet unique product, packaging, brand, and marketing specifications for rapid screening devices.
  • Addiction Medicine & Drug Rehabilitation—Utilizing cutting edge technology to provide accurate quantitative results integral to treatment and patient care.
  • Consumers—Assisting people to lead safer, healthier lives by providing market-leading home diagnostic test kits.

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