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Employers are always looking for an edge when it comes to improving their bottom line. In fact, in an effort to control costs, some companies may be tempted to cut the cost of essential programs like drug testing. But you may be surprised to learn that eliminating drug testing would likely cost a lot more than the total annual cost of drug testing. And doing more drug testing by adding random testing actually ends up saving a company even more money in the long run.

It’s true that the majority of all workplace drug tests are pre-employment screens, not random tests. And pre-employment drug testing is a great way to scare off some would-be employees who are current drug users. I would never argue against pre-employment testing, but it’s not fool-proof. For all of its many benefits, pre-employment testing doesn’t screen out all the drug users...many actually slip past the screening process and end up on the payroll of American businesses, large and small.

Learn more in this technical paper prepared by Bill Current, president of Current Consulting Group, LLC, and brought to you by Alere Toxicology. The overview information addresses a number of the features and techniques commonly used to manage a random drug-testing program.

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