Drug Test Result Reporting

Result Reporting

Alere Toxicology offers several result reporting systems that allow access to up-to-the-minute drug screen activity. Through these enhanced electronic reporting options, Alere Toxicology has the flexibility to deliver a single drug test result report to multiple locations via multiple reporting methods.

Alere DataLink Automated Reporting

Alere Toxicology's Website has an automated component that enables users to retrieve their drug screen data without ever manually logging into Alere DataLink. Through a full-time connection to the Internet, this program, called AlereAutoLink, enables users to perform the same print and export functions available through the Website without requiring entry of search criteria or commands.

DataLink Reporting and Collection Management.
Alere DataLink is our employer, staffing and workplace result reporting, and test management system. Alere DataLink connects you with the tools and information you need to efficiently and effectively manage your substance abuse testing program with Alere Toxicology. For more information, or to sign up, please call 800.433.3823

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Alere DataLink Dx is our clinical online reporting and test management system that is ideal for drug monitoring and addiction treatment. For more information, or to sign up, please call 800.994.2088

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Additional Reporting Options


Users of AlereAutoPrint can print drug test results in 1 of 2 formats: list or report. The list format provides a record of the drug tests that have been completed and includes limited information on each result.


Those clients who require our results to be imported into a database or software system can utilize AlereAutoExport to set intervals throughout the day to export results from Alere Toxicology.

Computerized Fax Reporting

Those clients who do not have Internet access can receive completed test results via computer fax. Within one hour of test completion, Alere Toxicology's computer fax system will send results in either a list or report format. The list provides limited information with all results appearing in a grid. The report format is more detailed with one page transmitted per drug test result.

Need More Information?

DataLink for Employers: contact us at 800.340.4029 or email toxcs@alere.com.

DataLink Dx for clinicians: contact us at 800.994.2088 or email CustomerService.mm@alere.com.

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