Physician Office Lab

Physician Office Lab

Whether you need point of care test (POCT) devices or laboratory confirmation testing, Alere provides the support and resources necessary to implement and manage your unique program. From innovative clinical-use products to reliable services, we're more than you think.

Point of Care Testing

Alere Toxicology offers an entire line of products dedicated to CLIA-waived testing. Simply look for the "Dx" in the product name and description. You can be assured that you are getting quality products that fit in with your point of care testing program.

iCup® Dx

Drug test cup that detects a broad range of prescription and illicit drugs. Made in the U.S.A. CLIA-waived for clinical use.

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iScreen® Dx Dip Card

Reliably screens a broad range of illicit and prescription drugs. CLIA-waived for clinical use.

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iCassette® Dx

Reliably screens 11 illicit and prescription drugs. CLIA-waived for clinical use.

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Screens up to 13 different drugs with optional adulteration strips. Self-contained cup minimizes collector exposure to urine.

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Laboratory Confirmation

Additionally, our state-of-the-art testing labs combine cutting edge technology with world-class customer service. Our dedicated team of toxicologists, customer service specialists, and sales representatives are focused on meeting your unique needs within clinical testing, occupational health, medication monitoring and forensic testing.

Urine Testing Services

Alere provides the tools and support necessary to implement and manage your unique urine testing program. Our comprehensive lab testing services incorporate the best practices in analysis and test methodologies.

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Oral Fluid Testing Services

We work with you to create customized oral fluid testing panels for your specific needs. Our comprehensive oral fluid test options allow you to detect a wide range of illicit drugs, controlled substances, and alcohol.

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Customize your screening program: 800.994.2088

Billing and Coding

Easily look up CPT & ICD-9 codes, coverage policies, and state-by-state Medicare reimbursement information.

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